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Twin Chemicals Industrial is a distributor of industrial chemical in various industries. We Supplies quality products such as thinner, solvent to group of industries as follow

  • Automotive manufacturing and assembly industries
  • Motorcycle and bicycle industries.
  • Auto parts and motorcycles industries.
  • Electronics and appliances industries.
  • Wood and steel furniture industries.
  • Packaging and printing industries.
  • Garage, shipyard and hardwareindustries.
We have laboratory to control products follow
to each customer standard. We examine our
products before deliver to customer. Thus
ensuring our products will not make a problem
to customer manufacturing process.
We have a team of delivery sufficient for customer
needs. Our staff pass of training course of drving of
safety. Assured our products will deliver to every
customer in time and correct.

Our head office
177 Moo 7 Suksawas Rd. Naiklongbangplakod
Phrasamutjedi Samutprakarn 10290

Tel. 02-8407056, 02-8407058, 02-8155223
Fax 02-8155204

Products recommend

win 100 and win 300 as thinner AAA
suitable for high quality industries
use to combined with lacqure.

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